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Saturday, 6 November 2021

Herbs for Separation Anxiety

  The herbs that you include in a sensory garden for your animals will usually also be helpful to you. However, don't automatically assume that every plant that has medicinal benefits for you or for a particular animal in your household will also be safe for every pet in your house. 

Always check to ensure that the herbs that you are including are safe for everyone in your home. Many help both dogs and cats. Catnip is a favorite of cats and it is also safe for dogs.

if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or other forms of anxiety, basil is a good herb to include in your sensory garden because it helps with anxiety. If you have an older dog in your home or a dog that is affected by arthritis even though they're relatively young, basil should also be included. Basil helps with arthritis pain

Catnip can be included in your garden for your own benefit as well as for cats and dogs. Catnip contains a chemical which is similar to another group of chemicals that are found in valerian.

The chemical in catnip is called nepetalactone and it is used by plants as a natural insect repellent. While catnip is safe for your cat, observe how much of it they're using. It can make them high if they use a lot, whether they have fresh catnip, the oil or dried catnip.

Catnip helps with relaxation. If your dog or cat chews on catnip, they'll feel more relaxed. You may also observe that they all become a little bit more playful because they're in a relaxed mood.

However, the exact effect is a little bit different in both of these mammals. When your cat has catnip it acts as a stimulant. When your dog has catnip it acts as a sedative.


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